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Read, Read, Read

I am really going to miss just being able to read whatever I desire when I get home from work or school. I’m trying to read as much as possible in the next few days. This summer has just seemed too short! I have been traveling through so many different worlds these last few months … Continue reading

Scrivener – Best Writing App Ever

I have been having a blast with Scrivener! It is the best app for creative writing in the history of apps. Worth every single penny you would have to spend! The layout of chapters is great, you can add extra pages to add at the beginning of your novels, you can add character traits and … Continue reading


I have plans to update my blog as frequently as possible, but my Internet does not comply with me. Rather frustrating if I do say so myself. I will try to get around this issue I have and will try to update. So, regardless of these issues, I do have some good news. Last night … Continue reading