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Not A Hero

Well, I am going to be lazy and just copy and paste a poem I wrote for my Creative Writing class this last semester. It’s kind of how I am feeling right now as well. Hope you all enjoy. It’s also a very very poor attempt at iambic pentameter. Here we go. — Not A … Continue reading


So, for creative writing, we had a choice between four different types of poems. I chose an elegy. It’s an elegy to my dead intestines. It’s a bit gruesome, so you’ve been warned. Here it is! (Sorry for the lack of updates. School and work are taking over) — Intestinal A tear A hole No … Continue reading


When I was fifteen years old, I visited this really awesome place in France called Carcassonne. It is a walled city where parts of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves were filmed. I basically fell in love with this place and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. However, many people in my delegation were … Continue reading

Is This America

So, since I’m feeling a little lazy again and don’t have all too much to say, I just searched on an old site I used to be active on called and found a poem I wrote on there to share with you all. It’s quite possibly my most unique poem. This type of poem … Continue reading


Found this poem/song I wrote about a year ago in a notebook I’d been writing in. It’s obviously titled “Replaced” and that’s why the title of the post is the same. Figured I’d share it with the world. Not my best, not my worst…here goes. – Everything is in your suitcase you’re heading out the … Continue reading

Summer Daze

Wow. Wasn’t aware that it’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog. Between work and trying to relax this summer, I have lost track of time. Kind of have had a lot on my mind lately. My younger cousin that has read part of my book keeps pestering me and asking me if I … Continue reading

Old Poem

It’s getting late here and I figured I would pull out this wicked old poem so that you can see where my writing began and how it has evolved as well. Do give me your honest opinions! I wrote this poem at the ripe age of fifteen! Nearly eight years ago, so bare with me … Continue reading