Book Reviews

As an aspiring author, I realize the importance of readers. You guys are what keep authors alive! I have been reading since before I can even remember and will read until the day I die. There is something so incredible about being able to immerse yourself into a book world, whether it is closely based on reality or so far out there that you’ve got to don your reader gear to dive in.

With this in mind, I have been reviewing books since I purchased my iPad a few years back. iBooks is seriously amazing – and so is my Kindle App! It has not been until recently that I have seen how important it is to an author that you provide them with a review of their book, even if you weren’t a big fan of the book. A review along with a two-star rating is better than receiving a two-star rating without a review.

I realize there are blogs that are 100% dedicated to providing book reviews. While I plan to provide a review for each book that I read, my blog is not 100% dedicated to book reviews. My primary focus is to promote my writing so that one day I may be on the receiving end of book reviews.

As I have personally sent my reviews to authors, the messages I receive back from them are nothing but gratitude. Several have even shared my blog post (which makes me grateful as well!)! The importance of reviewing a book for an author shows that there are readers of a book and that said readers either loved or hated the book. Reviews are sometimes what make people decide on whether or not they are going to pick up a book!

So, if you’ve clicked on this link and you’re an author, here’s to you. You’ve made it. You’re published and I am very proud that you have made such an accomplishment. It’s not an easy task to get published! If my review prompts even one person to pick up your book to read, then I must be doing something right…right?

If you’re interested in just reading my book reviews, please search my blog for “Book Review” as they should all be tagged.