J.L. Venchiarutti is an aspiring author who is passionate about writing poetry, short stories, and her developing novels. Two novels she is currently developing are the first book in the thrilling Science Fiction Series The Farnyn Series titled Ostracized and her inspiring first-hand experience with medical issues she has faced in the last few years titled Patient.

This blog will entail details of the status of Venchiarutti’s current work-in-progress novels. There will also be information relating to future novel ideas including and not limited to mermaids and humanoid dragons. Poetry, short stories, and snippets from the novels may also be included for honest feedback. Any and all criticisms welcomed.

While J.L. Venchiarutti is writing and developing her novels, she must also read in order to write better. As such, the aspiring author blog is also doubling as a book review blog. Every book she has read since 07.31.15 has been blogged with a review. Prior to this, 95% of the books she has read since owning an iPad have been reviewed.

For any questions or comments, you may contact harper@me.com at any time.

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