So, it’s only been a decade since the last time I made a post update on my blog. Whelp, a lot has happened. I got married, moved out of my parents’ house, and most recently got a puppy! I’ve been struggling a lot with my chronic illnesses and have always wondered if a service dog would be a good idea for me. I’m extremely happy that I got her–and it’s only been five days! I composed a poem about her that I felt the whole world needed to hear. Here we go:


Oh, what a pup we have found indeed
to be so perfect, the one I need.
She’s half Boston Terrier & Dachshund too.
Have I mentioned how much she goes poo?
You want kids, right?
Try having a puppy just one night.
She’s just as willing to learn,
even if her bites burn.
Be steadfast, patient with the pup.
She reminds me of why I’m tough.
Gas to knock out an entire militia–
her cuteness hides it, get the picture?
Puppies don’t stay this way forever.
So, I’m having fun, seeing what to treasure.
It’s simple, her big brown eyes
just leave me hypnotized.
She’s teaching me new tricks.
Too smart for her own good; very quick.
But the sweet cuddles are full of worth
I’m her momma, even if I didn’t give birth!

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