What 2018 Will Bring Me

Well, it’s been quite some time since I have posted on my blog. There’s been a lot that’s happened this year that I’d rather not get into. Regardless, I want to start back to blogging come the new year.

One of the biggest things I want to start up again is reviewing books. I’ve just been giving books 1-5 star ratings without a review and it makes me feel kind of bad because I love writing reviews. I just haven’t been on my computer as much and now that I have a fancy schmancy desk, I want to commit to writing reviews again. I’m going to start with this book I’m currently reading called I Do(n’t) by Leddy Harper. Just to give myself that bit of a push to do it.

Another thing I’m going to do is post more progress of Revelry. Yeah, remember that book? You know, the one I’ve been writing for more than a decade? Yeah, I may post some questions or blurbs or just some inspiration for my writing. Who knows?! I’m just going to talk about it more and maybe that will get my butt in gear to actually write the book.

One final thing I want to include in my blog are some personal entries from my daily readings of the Bible. It has been a goal of mine to read the Bible from start to finish in a year. Still haven’t accomplished it, but I swear I’m going to! January is just around the corner, so I’m going to begin Genesis for the fourth time (at least) and going to write in my personal journal and share some entries with the public.

Just a few things I have in mind for the new year. Of course, I’ll update with some general life updates, my cats, my progress into the publishing world, yadayadayada. I’ve said this for the last three years, but I really think 2018 is going to be my year.

Time to read to be a better writer, write to be a better writer, and just be a better person all around. Here’s to looking forward!

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