Sacred Light Transcends the New Adult Urban Fantasy Genre–GIVEAWAY INSIDE!


So I am incredibly excited that Simone Pond has released a new series! I have been following this author well over a year and have been not so patient in waiting for the latest books! Earlier this month, Pond released the first book in the Armor of Magic series, Sacred Light. Yesterday, book two was just released at the introductory price of $0.99! Both books will be at this price for a limited time, so now is the time to get your hands on them. Or, read this review and at the bottom ENTER for a chance to win an copy of BOTH books! This is only available on Kindle/Kindle app, so keep that in mind before entering the contest.

Now! To my review of book one, Sacred Light by Simone Pond.

Let me start this out by saying I have realized that the New Adult genre is one of my least favorite genres. I was not going to let this deter me in my reading, especially since I had grown so fond of this author’s work (side note: If you haven’t, get The New Agenda series now while you are at it!). Sacred Light blew me out of the water! I would have to say it is easily one of my favorites–if not my favorite–of this genre. The New Adult genre is notorious for having a masculine buff man, a virginal woman (while this book has it, it mocks it in a sense), tons of unnecessary swears, and usually abuse of some kind. I realize this is urban fantasy as well–a genre I love–so it balanced the tropes of each genre really nicely and faced them head on with a unique spin in lieu of giving into every single stereotype that comes along with it.

Sacred Light follows our young protagonist Fiona Farrow. She is recently turned twenty-one and upon this age she is expected to follow her destiny to become a Protector of Light. Fiona is a bit stubborn–like her mother and grandmother  before her–and would rather pursue a normal career instead of facing her destiny…in spite of a super sexy guide Ezra coming to her to constantly remind her that she needs to stop playing in the human world and to take her destiny serious.

Through her journey in this book, Fiona finds out things about her best friend that she is completely shocked by, she uncovers a huge story at her investigative journalist job, and also encounters a super sexy contractor, Asher, who she is determined to lose her virginity to! That and the two of them both have a mutual attraction to each other, but there is something greater that is keeping them apart. No spoilers!

As far as the plot, Sacred Light moves along at a great pace and kept my interest from beginning to end. I am already about 30% through book two and can’t wait to see what happens to Fiona and friends on their journey. Fiona is a very smart young woman and I am so glad that she didn’t fall into the cliche of ignorance is bliss that many female protagonists (and secondary characters) fall into. She stands her own, but isn’t afraid to call on friends when she needs the help.

Don’t miss out on these two great books part of the Armor of Magic series. I look forward to even more from Simone Pond! Overall, I give the book at 4/5 star rating. I’m really finicky about how a book starts out and if it doesn’t just grab me from the first chapter, then it’s hard for me give a full 5 star rating. Regardless, great book and highly recommended!

Now you have reached the part of my post that has our giveaway! For your chance at a copy of both Sacred Light & its sequel Rising Light, check out the Rafflecopter giveaway below and enter as much as you can! Giveaway open until August 6th, 2016!

Your Chance to Win Sacred Light & Rising Light!

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