Something Wild


So, I just discovered that Lindsey Stirling partnered up with my all-time favorite musical artist Andrew McMahon under his new moniker Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness to create a glorious blend of powerful lyrics, hauntingly beautiful violin skills by Lindsey Stirling, harmoniously blending in the piano from Andrew McMahon, and getting sucked into it all with Andrew’s hypnotic voice.

This song has just released and it’s already at the top of my favorite Andrew McMahon songs…and that’s saying something because his music has been in my life since I was fourteen! I think what makes it stand out so much for me is how much he has grown as an artist from his Something Corporate days and even his Jack’s Mannequin days. His newer music with Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is this exciting chapter in his life with his wife and precious daughter, Cecilia.

I imagine that Andrew penned most of the lyrics in this song with input from Lindsey Stirling. I’ve followed her since her YouTube days! This woman is easily one of if not the best violinist I have heard, and I am a huge Sean Mackin fan (Yellowcard) especially when he did backflips while playing.

Honestly, I think that this song is going to propel both of them. Namely because it’s the feature song for the upcoming film Pete’s Dragon. I was already excited about this remake. And I love anything and everything Disney. Everything surrounding this song just has pulled me to a level of great appreciation for blending all of the things I love into this melodic tune that is still blaring in my ears on repeat–and has been for the last two to three hours…or more.

So here’s to Lindsey Stirling for pairing up with my hero, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, to create this brilliant masterpiece. I leave you now with my favorite lyrics from the song.

You’ve got a big heart.

You might have some bruises
and a few scars,
but you know you’re gonna be okay. 

If you face the fear that keeps you frozen
chase the sky into the ocean.
That’s when something wild calls you home.

Sometimes the past can
make the ground beneath you feel like quicksand.
You don’t have to worry,
you reach for my hand.
Yeah, I know you’re gonna be okay.
You’re gonna be okay.

Even though you’re scared,
you’re stronger than you know.

Go buy this song from iTunes, you won’t regret it. It is going to lull me into a wonderful sleep tonight.

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