The Werewolf Cowboy Has a Rocky Start


Welcome blog readers! I have been reading the first half of the Moonbound series over the last few days and have not been able to put these books DOWN! I’m anxious to get the first five reviews of the series out and then taking a mini-break from the series and focusing on full length novels. If you like fantasy, werewolves, mating, romance, and a little bit of smut, look no further.

I received an ARC of the first half of this series and was super stoked to be reading more of Krystal Shannan’s work, as she also writes contemporary romance under the penname Emma Roman, and to be introduced to Camryn Rhys’ work. Upon beginning this, I was taken aback at the language and lewdness of the book and the characters. I didn’t give up on it though, because Krystal Shannan is one of my favorites. I trust her writing and judgment.

The romance between Allan and Reyna feels very tensed and stressed at the beginning. I was not a fan of how forceful Reyna was with her feelings toward Allan. I think something else that held me back a bit for this first book of this series is that it also doubles as the VonBrandt Family book number four. I would have liked to have more references from the previous three books, as I had been coming in blind into this book on who the characters are and how they are related and their relationships with each other.

Aside from the budding romance between Allan and Reyna, the secondary characters felt one-dimensional. Except for Allan’s brothers, I found them to be hilarious. What I wished there was more from this was for Reyna to have been a bit subtler with her emotions and feelings toward Allan unlike her very forceful ways on him.

I do see the side of Reyna though to where she feels the pull of fate between her and Allan where Allan blatantly denies it to the umpteenth degree. She goes through every effort and jumps through many hoops to make him hers. Warning ahead: this entire series does have very detailed sexual scenes, so if this is something that you do not enjoy reading, you will need to do some glossing over.

It’s been a while since I have read much werewolf romance novels, so bear with me. I think that the world that Camryn Rhys and Krystal Shannan have created together is built very solidly. This is the book to where the explanation to the Fated one should be told in detail. With Reyna being the one to do it, it makes it a stronger and more believable book. I would have loved to see their relationship blossom a bit more, but I do realize it’s a novella and part of a series, so I won’t complain about it too much.

As I continue to read each book, I am loving how each of them references past books for connectivity. I’m currently reading the fifth book (I’ll be posting reviews daily for a while! Whoo!) and I love the underlying plot of the entire series. I am anxious to see where it goes. In retrospect though, The Werewolf Cowboy has been the weakest book of the ones I have read. I feel as if there is a huge disconnect with the VonBrandt family compared to the following novellas. Overall, I give this first book of the series a 3-star rating.

Tune in tomorrow for my review of the second novella of the series, The Werewolf Bodyguard!


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