Let’s Get Editing!


So, I’ve been posting tons of reviews, cover reveals, title reveals, blitz’s…etc. for many of authors. While I have been thoroughly enjoying doing this, I have also been trying to figure out the best rates for me to charge for freelance editing to start my own business up and be my own boss. Soon, I will just be reading and reviewing books that have already been given to me as ARCs and will not be able to take any new books on unless I am continuing a series by an author or enjoy the author’s work.

I think the last time I posted about editing as a job was well over a month ago. I’m beginning to lay the groundwork and the Freelance Editing tab on my blog will soon be filled with more information regarding what I intend to do with freelance editing. There are many different factors that will be contingent on what I will charge. Novellas, Novels, and Epics will be read at different levels of editing.

If you’re interested in having someone professionally edit your book, I would love to be your choice to do so. While writing is my biggest aspiration in life, I need to be generating some type of income in the meantime. What better way than to do it with reading authors’ writing? If you’re doubtful of anything, then just send me an email (provided in my about section I believe). I plan to offer an edit of the first chapter – or twenty pages – of your novel at some point to authors who are considering taking on a freelancer.

Here’s to hoping this will be a successful endeavor!


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