Story of A Kiss Anthology Book Tour through Xpresso Blogs

Thank you for stopping by here at my blog to get a little peek into one of the novellas from this Valentine’s Day anthology that is sure to sweep you off your feet!
Story of a Kiss Anthology
Publication date: February 1st 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

There will be a thousand kisses in a lifetime but only a handful trapped forever in your heart. This Valentine’s day, join The Story of a Kiss anthology as we take you into the lives of thirteen couples. From a very first kiss of a high-school prom queen, to a kiss that travels the width of time. Kisses of redemption, heartache, discovery, and so much more.

Thirteen authors.
Thirteen kisses you’ll never forget.

modern interior in hotel bedroom furniture

With these thirteen authors, I chose from them Left Swipe Chronicles by Jody Pardo. 
Summarized very shortly, roommates Liz and Michelle venture into the world of online dating. After a series of bad first dates, how many swipes will it take to find her Man of Steel?

This was a novella that really stuck with me.

One thing I really enjoyed is that Pardo is smart not to give away much through her summary, because otherwise, it would give so much away and would ruin so many things about roommates Liz and Michelle.

These two women are essentially using a Tindr  (is that it? lol never used it) based app to find a very specific guy who can satisfy their needs before the Valentine’s Day holiday. Liz and Michelle are drawn really well and I really enjoyed getting to know them and the several failed men who were unable to keep their attention.

Pardo got to the point. I loved the bluntness of this book and I was laughing so hard in so many places. If you want to start this anthology out with a really funny story with some surprising and satisfying twists, this may be the novella for you!

Also, bonus points to Pardo because she’s a fellow Okie. She’s a transplant, but it still counts. Overall, I give this novella a 4/5 star rating. It’s worth the read and will make you melt a little at the end.

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