Gifted Thief Wraps Comedy into Fantasy


I received Gifted Thief as an ARC (advanced reader copy) in exchange for an honest review. I had stumbled across this book and the summary intrigued me and Helen Harper was generous to send me a copy, as us Harpers have to stick together! This book is scheduled to release 01/29/16.

Gifted Thief started out a little rocky. There was little backstory to be able to directly dive into this tale and some of the exposition at the beginning was a little clunky. It is not until I got about a third of the way through the book that I felt myself begin to be immersed in the story and grow attached to the characters.

This book follows a young girl named Integrity. Her name itself is comical because she soon chooses the career path of a thief. She is born into a magical clan, the Adairs, and after going through so much torment from those around her, decides to run away from the clan system, known as the Sidhe (pronounced she), and become Clan-less.

It is on a jewelry heist that she reveals that she is due at the Sidhe court. The events of the heist are somewhat expected from my viewpoint (aspiring author here lol), but it was still fun to read the machinations of how her and her thief friends – who she know calls her clan – get into the building in order to obtain this jewel.

Integrity is then forced into helping the Sidhe clans to obtain a magical device that has been making the magic in the world all wonky. Before they even leave on this journey, Integrity is attacked not once, but twice. There are many individuals from the Clans that do not want her there due to things that her father had done before her time. It’s a great read for suspense as it leaves you wondering who could have done this? Helen Harper uses foreshadowing very nicely in Gifted Thief, letting highly tuned readers (like myself lol) be ahead of the game before the culprits are revealed.

Gifted Thief also has quite a few interesting characters. Probably my favorite characters are Bob and Lily. Bob because when he was first described, I pictured him as David Tennant. He is a genie and is always showing up at the most inopportune times! Just the humor that he has really got to me. And I loved that he called Integrity ‘Uh Integrity.’ Just a little something that made me chuckle. Lily was an interesting character because of how much information she provided to Integrity.

I really enjoyed Integrity as a main character. Her “bad jokes” had me chuckling and cracking up! I love a good and a bad pun. I’m just a punny person I guess. There were a couple jokes that were a little eye-rolling, but I love that Integrity even admits when some of her jokes are bad. She’s really good about throwing in a joke in a tense situation, which, in my opinion, helped facilitate the story.

Writing fantasy is a challenge on its own. Writing fantasy in first person point of view is an even greater challenge. I think Helen Harper handles the POV fairly well. There are some areas where the exposition feels a bit heavy, but it is never for far too long. I loved the way the book ended, and it makes me ready to read the next book in the series! Overall, I give this book at 3.5/5 stars and am rounding up to 4 on all reviewing outlets.


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