Freelance Editing


This is something I am seriously wanting to undertake. I truly feel that I can offer my services as an editor for many authors and aspiring authors. While I have nitpicked Revelry to bits, I want to get published this year. In order to do such, I have to have some type of income to fund this endeavor.

Here is my question to those of you who have been published: What would you pay for someone to give you an extremely thorough editing – with notes, critiques, grammatical errors noted, etc. – of your manuscript? I have been asking around to several authors and their prices range.

I have had the privilege of beta reading for an author and also been given ARCs of books to where I can spot errors before the author hits the publish button. I’m trying to get my foot in the door with editing. I’ve sent screenshots of spelling/grammar errors in ebooks I have read to the authors and all that have responded have been extremely grateful.

While I want to pursue this, I do have to keep in mind that my health is my number one priority. At the moment, I feel like my Crohn’s Disease is flaring back up because my insurance screwed up when I was getting my latest dose of my medication. While I wait for remission, I am compiling answers from authors.

How much would you pay for a freelance editor to edit your book? 

I have a degree in English, have taken five different writing critique type courses, and have a love of reading, writing and editing. Authors and aspiring authors, please comment below or email me personally at to let me know the most you would pay for such services. I need this information as I go forward in this endeavor.

Thank you!


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