I am a book person.

There are so many types of books in the world. Genres, lengths, for kids, for adults, and they can seriously be just about anything. Some books are too much alike and they blend in, and no one really pays them too much attention. Sure, they may sell a couple thousand copies, but the story is the same, just with different characters. Why sets other books apart then?

Pick out the pretty book or the worn book? The pretty book has such a captivating picture with fluorescent type coloring that draws you in. The title that sounds intriguing? Or possibly I have heard good things from the author?

Of course I pick out some books because they’re pretty. The picture on the front is captivating. Perhaps it’s a drawing? Perhaps it’s a picture with cool lighting. The font size is whacky. Something besides its title compels a person to pick up a book off a shelf and decide if they may or may not want to read it.

I love the smell of books. New books have this kind of smell that makes me feel like i am opening something fresh, something that hasn’t been unearthed by someone else. There are no markings in them. No one has highlighted any text. No one has crinkled a page. It’s brand spanking new just for me. And when I open it up to begin, the pages are crisp. I can do what I want with it. I can dog-ear pages, put a bookmark in it, or just try to remember that I am on page 214.

The old books are different. Someone else has read them. Someone else has marked in them and found a passage that moved them and underlined it. I wonder why they do that. I wonder why it moved them.

What compels you to pick out a book?


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