Writer or Editor?

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Empty documents are never good for aspiring authors

So I was recently bestowed with a beta read of a new author’s book and was super stoked! I haven’t had the opportunity to critique anyone’s writing in a very very very long time. Naturally, I took my time, ensuring that I picked up on all the grammar issues, any plot issues, characterization and the like.

As I went to open a word document to start typing up all the grammatical/spelling/typographical errors I noted, I thought, “Ah, this will only be about five pages.” One page grew to two, to three, to eight. Then I’m sitting here like, “Am I being too critical? Surely not! I was asked if I saw grammatical errors to point them out and I did.”

But I didn’t stop there. I then added a section of critique notes to the book. Some things like a few plot inconsistencies, nothing too drastic. Then the document keeps getting bigger. Well, after my critique notes were all done, I still felt like I needed to add something more. So I thought, I got it! I’ll add a section about the four Point of View characters! 

So as I type out that section, I realize that I didn’t add the one thing the author asked me to add. My general overview and thoughts on the book. Whelp, so I get to writing all that stuff down and some of it was a reiteration of the things I had written above, told her the honest star rating I would give it if what I read right now was published, but also told her that I really did enjoy the story and the world building that went into the work.

When I critique, I point out the good, the bad, and where and how you can improve. It’s how I learned to critique way back in the days of Creative Writing Workshops with Murphy (no people, not my cat, the Professor).

purrfessor murphy.jpg

Purrfessor Murphy at your service, ready to critique like a boss.

As I opened my email to send off this monster document to the author, I prefaced it with “please don’t be intimidated by the size of this document.”

And how many pages did my critique end up being you may ask? 13 pages and a little over 5,000 words.

I haven’t had so much fun critiquing something in such a long time! Now if only I could find a way to be paid to do this type of work…

And that’s where I come to this question. Am I more of a writer or am I more of an editor? This is a question I ask myself constantly. I have 90% of Revelry written and the amount of times I have edited some sections exceeds 50 times. That’s right 50 TIMES. I think the editor in my mind stifles the writer in my heart sometimes. This could possibly be the reason why I still can’t come up with a decent way to write Chapter 10 of Revelry…the ACTUAL Revelry. I have tried writing it at least half a dozen times. I’ve thrown away or deleted 80% of what I’ve written, deeming it as unacceptable writing.

Editor Jennifer needs to take a backseat and let writer Jennifer write to her heart’s content until she at least finishes writing that last chapter!!! It’s just one chapter I need! ONE! Then I can resend to beta readers (beta readers who actually responded to me) and get the process of publishing Revelry in 2016. I really feel like 2016 is going to be my year.

Anyways, I’m going to try to close my eyes for just a few minutes. I need to be somewhat rested before I go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens tonight at 7:30 with my awesome aunt Sheila!


May the Force be with you!


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