I Can’t Get This Book Off My Mind!

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Can’t Get You Off My Mind by Emma Roman

I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Can’t Get You Off My Mind by Emma Roman and I could NOT put it down! From the beginning, the plot sucked me in and I was already rooting for Zoe in the first pages. She has a large scar covering her face from an accident and feels completely self-conscious about it, which I can feel her pain about scar consciousness as I have a few (most of which I can hide, but still!).

The characterization throughout the book was spot on. There wasn’t one character that I didn’t feel some sort of emotion toward. Even Jasper! Roark has two brothers as well, TJ and Nic, who both were stand outs in spite of being secondary characters. Roman does a great job connecting you with all three of the Stintson men, as I believe the next two books will center around TJ and Nic! I know I’ve found a good book when all characters are completely developed.

I fell in love with Roark, much as Zoe did. I understand why Zoe was a bit flabbergasted that a hunk and millionaire like Roark would even glance her way. She wasn’t in his circle of people. The way in which these two stumble into each others lives is pretty memorable and I found myself laughing at it, just like Roark did. Sidenote, I have got to say: he is one of my favorite book boyfriends I have had! I pictured him as hunky America’s Next Top Model winner, Nyle DiMarco. Seriously, there is NO ONE better who could portray him. I dare you to find someone better than this dreamy hunk to portray Roark. Guess what? YOU CAN’T!


Seriously! There is no better Roark than Nyle!

Anyways, the way that Zoe and Roark’s relationship develops is both sweet and frustrating. Of course the reader knows that they both love each other and want to have sweet little Zoark babies running around (Yep. Zoark babies. I’m copyrighting that. lol). The two of them are just so difficult with their back and forth banter, but their reasonings for why they act the way they do is 100% reasonable.

The backstories for both Zoe and Roark are completely believable. My heart hurts for Zoe and all the torment and pain that she has to go through on a daily basis simply because of a scar. I couldn’t begin to imagine such a heartache and I am in her corner rooting her on. Same goes for Roark. While he may have not had to struggle financially in his childhood, he was left without parents. Though I have to admit, Pamela makes the best replacement for them. Why can’t I have a Pamela?

Probably my only complaint with the book was one of the hospital scenes (no spoilers!). Zoe is attended to both very quickly and has a nurse with her for an extended period of time. As someone who has had tons of experiences with hospitals and emergency rooms, I couldn’t suspend my disbelief for that scene and how it was portrayed. I’d knock off less than half a star for that bit alone as it doesn’t encompass a great part of the book, although it is part of the plot moving forward. I’m really picky when hospital scenes are written and very few books do them complete justice (it’s usually books that revolve around an illness that portray it best).

Overall, superb writing, plot, characterization, and a solid ending…even though I so wanted more! I see there are two more books in the series (for both Nic and TJ) and I am already ready to read them. Right now. This book gets a 4.9/5 if I’m being really picky, but if I’m not, it’s a total 5 star book.

Get it, read it, and love it. You won’t be disappointed.


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