Posted in December 2015

Revelry Snippet – Help Please

So, there is a particular scene in Revelry that involves Asa pretty much being a cheap version of Walter White. His destiny is a Healer, and Healers have to know how to create certain combinations of chemicals and other stuff that I’d rather not go into terrible detail over as to give away too much … Continue reading

Cover Reveal of Taking Mine

So I was given the privilege to give my followers the cover reveal of Rachel Schneider’s newest book, Taking Mine. First, please take a moment out of your day to check out her Facebook Fan Page and if you’d like, send her some love and give her a like. Comment, “Jennifer thinks you’re AWESOME!” if … Continue reading

Writer or Editor?

So I was recently bestowed with a beta read of a new author’s book and was super stoked! I haven’t had the opportunity to critique anyone’s writing in a very very very long time. Naturally, I took my time, ensuring that I picked up on all the grammar issues, any plot issues, characterization and the … Continue reading

Follow Des in Prototype D

So, Amazon offers a Reading Deals Review Club and I snagged this puppy up in exchange for an honest review. Prototype D by Jason D. Morrow has many of the things I enjoy from a book. SciFi, check. Robots, check. Artificial Intelligence, check. Dystopian world, check. Just on its description alone, I knew this was … Continue reading