Let Me Be the One is Not the One


First, let me start out by saying that this is not a book you want to be picking up for quick read. It took me forever to get into this book. I am personally not a huge fan of New Adult Genre based books, there have been a few that have really stuck with me. This one? I can barely remember the characters’ names without having to go through my phone to figure it out. That is how difficult it was to get into this story.

Starts off with this goody good girl who always does good and she starts dating this absolute douchebag named Nick I think. Everyone except her realizes that he’s a douchebag and she tries to breakup with him, but douchebag Nick doesn’t get the hint…at all. Darcy goes through all these measures to avoid him and he becomes excessively violent–especially when drunk–to where Darcy eventually decides to take a semester abroad. Before she heads out, she runs into one of her guy friends, Tom.

Her and Tom hit it off at dinner with Tom’s parents and Tom is super hopeful for when Darcy comes back the following semester. Turns out, she leaves for an entire year, only making his longing worse. Once the two are finally reunited after the year long split, they both show up to the same party and Tom goes into douchebag mode and ignores Darcy, which makes her feel super insecure.

It’s the New Adult genre. If I would have known it was New Adult, I would have maybe not read it at all without some awesome suggestions from friends. New Adult rubs me the wrong way because it’s almost always the same type of writing plot lines and themes. As a writer, I do not foresee writing in this genre simply because of the tropes that come along with it. Regardless, I managed to make it through the entire book.

There were tons of ups and downs with Tom and Darcy’s relationship that felt a bit too dramatic for college students. My love life in college wasn’t that dramatic (when I was dating someone), so I don’t know where all the drama stems from. Darcy and Tom get absolutely no relief just when things start to take a turn for the better. There’s pregnancy surprises and scares along the way along with tons of angst.

If New Adult is your genre, then this might be right up your alley. I have only read a handful of New Adult genre books that I really have enjoyed. I know this is part of a trilogy, but I don’t see myself buying the other two books in it unless I have absolutely nothing else to read on my extensive TBR list.

Overall, I give this one a 2.5/5. I rounded up to 3 on all the reviews to be generous. I had been on such a high on some awesome books, and then this came into my life and my expectations were super high based on the previous books I had read.


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