Fall in Love with The Gambler


So, I discovered Denise Grover Swank a good three or four years ago on the iBooks free book list. I read a short synopsis of one of the books and got the book for free. Honestly, I haven’t read that book yet, which has spawned onto its own series, but there have been plenty of other works by Denise Grover Swank that I can’t keep my greasy paws to myself on.

I discovered this series courtesy of my aunt Sheila, who I had inadvertently gotten addicted to all of DGS’s books. She kept telling me how hysterical the Substitute was. So, I went and bought it. Read it super quickly and had to have more. My patience for the second book of the series, The Player, was practically nonexistent and once I read it, again, I was left waiting for the next book. I preordered it on iBooks and waited for the notification. I read through a quarter of it and was instantly hooked.

Then, Denise Grover Swank’s manager put out a giveaway for swag, a gift card, or a signed copy of the Gambler. So I entered and guess what? I WON! I was super stoked and requested the signed copy of the book. It now sits in a super special place in my room as books signed by authors, which also makes it amazingly special. So once i got the physical copy, I read the it. Now, on to the actual story of The Gambler and not my novel-length description about how I obtained it.

Of the books so far in the series, The Gambler is my favorite. It brings together new and old characters–like granny!–so that you as the reader can enjoy in some normalcy while exploring the love between Libby and Noah. One of my favorite aspects about this book over the other two is that the love between Libby and Noah is slow building. The two have been friends for a while, but both have ignored their obvious attraction for each other because Libby is engaged and Noah is just a huge sex fiend.

The road trip to Vegas proves to be an exciting ride. Why can’t all road trips be like this? Denise Grover Swank perfectly described how road trips go to. I love that Noah was keeping it a secret from Libby where they were going. And once they were in Vegas, Libby and Noah get a few surprises from back home. They are hysterical and well placed to continue the build up of the romance.

For those of you who are just looking for some hot steamy sex all over a romance book, this isn’t where you should turn. The sex is a HUGE build up between Noah and Libby and how their relationship functions, it works 100%. I applaud Denise Grover Swank for how long it took for our lovely couple to finally consummate their relationship. And when she did, the details in it were nothing that was lewd or too descriptive. It was done in a very classy, Denise Grover Swank, kind of way. The woman has a talent for writing those scenes, seriously!

If you’re looking for fun, quirky, hysterical, and honest romance, you need to pick up this book! If you haven’t checked out the remainder of the series, start with The Substitute, then The Player, and finally The Gambler. You won’t be disappointed.

Overall 5/5 rating. A great romance novel that makes you feel good.


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