Preview of Revelry

So for all those folks who didn’t get in on the beta reading of Revelry, I’d like to extend the first couple of pages to you to read. Granted, it’s all subject to change, but I haven’t updated my blog in a while and I haven’t finished reading a book in a while either. Enjoy the rough draft of the opening of Revelry and do tell me if you like it!


Chapter One


            I slammed my hand on the clock, turning my tone to doze one final time, but it declined my request. Groaning, I shoved it off the triangle stand before seeing the time, 2:30 Solar. I pulled my Videomagifer from the floor and turned it on.

Sixty-five hours until Revelry. The text flashed in my face and my eyes widened. Did I really have only three days left? I swiped the information off the screen and more information about my Revelry blinded me. Do not forget to pick Revelry Robes up to add to Closet.

“Asa!” I heard my Matriarch’s voice booming through an intercom above me. “You better get over to Schuyler’s. You two cannot be late for Professor Hadley’s lecture again.”

I placed the Videomagifer down and glanced at the clock again. It read 2:40 Solar. Academy started at 3:40 Solar. I had exactly one hour’s time to get ready, and had to give enough time to make sure my best friend was awake, too. I needed to hop in the Cleaner though, I did not have time to the day before and regretted it about halfway through Academy.

It did not take long for the Cleaner to do its work. It was not long until it commanded, “Please select your outfit.”

“Academy,” I stated loud and clear. Sometimes the Cleaner and the Outfitter did not work well together and would give me the wrong outfit. There was a small ding and with a blink, I was dressed in an argyle sweater with loose slacks.

Stepping out of the Cleaner, I double-checked my hair in the Crystal Reflector. Sometimes my hair would look crazy. I added green tones the day before—much to my Matriarch’s chagrin—and the Cleaner did an excellent job at retaining the vivid color. The Cleaner did not make my hair look too wonky, so I grabbed my knapsack and walked down the hallway to get to my levicraft.

“Your Rising Meal is ready,” Matriarch announced from another intercom in my Dwelling Place. “Take some to Schuyler, too, you know how forgetful his Matriarch has gotten.”

Entering the Dining Hall, I grabbed a leafy substance and some grains from the island. Matriarch could make a great Rising Meal; she was particularly good with the grains. I made sure to grab enough to bring to Schuyler and took one quick glance at the clock on the island. “3:15 Solar, I should be okay.”

As I walked out of my Dwelling Place, I opened the door to Turbo. So maybe it was not as cool and fast as Velocity, but it performed as needed. Schuyler’s Dwelling Place was not a far trek from mine, and I was able to make it in record time. I was certain he was still sound asleep. How did the smartest kid on the planet not remember to set his tone?

“Matriarch Brand?” I asked as I walked in. I was greeted by the familiar face of Schuyler’s Matriarch, she was running the Roboticuum on the rugs. She waved me over before pressing a single button, turning it off.

“Asa, so nice to see you.” She smiled. “Schuyler is still asleep. I have tried waking him up, but he just is not budging.”

“I will take care of him,” I said and returned the smile. This happened at least every other day.

I walked down the narrow hallway and passed two closed doors before reaching Schuyler’s door. Without knocking, I opened it and saw my best friend sprawled across his bed. He was sleeping as if he had not been disturbed once in the middle of the night.

“Schuyler…” I started quietly, nudging his arm, trying to make as little contact as possible. I heard a groan as he shifted slightly. “Schuyler…Schuyler!”

I did not have time for this. Professor Hadley was especially touchy when I arrived late with Schuyler, and I always felt like he blamed it on me.

“Schuyler!” I rolled him over in his bed.

“Huh?” he groaned out as his eyes opened. I watched him rub the sleep from his eyes.

“You better hurry. We are running behind, and you know how Professor Hadley gets when you are late.”

“I hate having a namesake,” he grumbled under his breath. “What have you done with your hair this time? I thought your Patriarch told you to stop with the colors?”

“There is not much he can do with me these days,” I replied, touching my newly colored hair. “Are you moving…at all?”

“Yeah, yeah,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Wait. What time is it?”

“It is 3:20 Solar, come on!” I beckoned. “I do not want a lecture from Professor Hadley.”

I watched as Schuyler rushed to his Cleaner. I was not surprised he was running it on Hyper. He was bad about doing that, had even overloaded the Cleaner’s memory board.

“Hyper will not help you, we have six minutes until roll call!” I hollered just after the water pressure died down. All he had left to do was tell the Cleaner what type of outfit he wanted, then we would be out the door. I kept my eye on the clock. “Three minutes…you are moving too slow, Schuyler!” As Schuyler emerged, he grabbed my arm, it tingled. “Hey!”

“You want to be there on time? Jump in Velocity,” he said. Was he serious?

“But your Matria-”

“She will live.”

            And with those three words, Schuyler and I were off to Academy.


Let me know what you think in the comments. I’m open to critiques and suggestions!


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