Blackmail Boyfriend is the Perfect Back-to-School Book


So to start, I preordered this book when I read its description. It sounded like it was going to be a really cute and quirky YA romance novel and I was needing a break from all the scifi and fantasy I’ve been reading. This was the perfect reprieve!

Haley has been admiring Bryce from afar for ages. One school morning, a school rumor goes around that Haley slept with Bryce at a party. Turns out Bryce was talking about a different Haley, but our protagonist Haley takes it upon herself to swoop in and blackmail Bryce into being her fake boyfriend for awhile so that her brothers wouldn’t be so overprotective and let her date.

Of course, this is just a means of trouble for both Haley and Bryce as they stumble through their fake relationship. Bryce is a guy who absolutely has no idea what a relationship is and Haley has to coach him – even though she’s no expert either. They have fights, there’s high school drama, and there’s an abundance of homemade cupcakes courtesy of Haley’s best friend, Jane.

While I was first a little turned off by the POV switches between Haley and Bryce in the middle of chapters, it grew on me and I enjoyed it more. It’s a fine line when you use multiple POVs, because you have to ensure that both characters have very distinct voices and they don’t meld together. Cannon does a phenomenal job at maintaining beautiful balance between the two POVs.

I appreciate a good YA romance, even when I expect how it’s going to end. Cannon does a phenomenal job at giving many different bumps along the fake relationship that Bryce and Haley have. Both Haley and Bryce end up letting their guards down and learn to understand each other and begin to have respect.

I have to say some of my favorite scenes were at the animal shelter. Especially the one where Bryce brings in Leo. It shows how vulnerable Bryce is and it’s one of the moments where you see the two of them really connect. Cannon does an excellent job at having Bryce and Haley fall for each other.

Without spoiling it, I loved the ending. It was a really sweet way to show how they felt toward one another. It wasn’t too over the top cheesy and instead was just as sweet as Jane’s cupcakes. I’ll definitely be reading more of Chris Cannon’s work. Overall rating 4.5/5.


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