Blogging for Serious

I made a post yesterday on my Facebook Fanpage that I have been getting affirmation after affirmation from both God, friends, and family that what I need to be doing in this time where I am not working a forty hour work week is writing. So yesterday, I began my journey into what I am praying will be the rough draft of Revelry by the end of the summer. I know it isn’t going to be easy, I know it’s going to take a lot of hard work, but I am ready to face it head on.

What I am starting with is to write a minimum of 500 words a day. Yesterday, I hit just a little over 600 words and my brain felt like it was frying at the end of it…that is how out of practice I feel with my writing! Today, it has been a different and much more productive day. I am over 1000 words and still going strong. For right now, I don’t want to push myself too hard to maintain writing 1000 words a day, just in case I let myself down and don’t make that mark, and am going to do 500 a day for at least two weeks.

The kicker to it all? I am also not giving myself any days off. Since it’s such a small amount a day, I figure that I can manage it. I’ve been trying to look for other avenues to which I can use my writing abilities. There’s a possible job doing content writing for a family friend’s business, editing a novel for my grandma’s friend’s friend (that’s confusing…I know), and also upkeeping my blog.

This summer I have read a sizable amount of books. Well, really this year. I have read over 60 books since the end of January up until now. What I would like to do once I am done reading a book is to post an honest review of it on my blog and to contact the author to let them know that I am giving them some blog space and promoting their book to people. Now, when I say honest, I mean I will get pretty nitpicky about somethings. If there’s bad grammar in the book, I will let prospective readers know that there is bad grammar. If the characterization is stellar, then I will elaborate in my best language how stellar it is. So, for any authors who are stumbling across this blog, let me know if you would like an honest review of your books. I have over 1000 eBooks on my phone and at least 400 physical books on my bookshelves that haven’t been tackled yet to read. My book reviews (which will also be at least five hundred words) will be able to count as my daily writing if I do not do it for my books.

Speaking of books. I have too many books on my TBR list. I have made a pact with myself. There are only three conditions for which I can obtain/purchase new books. I am posting this for myself as a reminder, here they are:

1. If the book is free, I may add it to my library. (This one is pretty much a given. I have read many of free books that have turned out to be gems! Though, I have read some that I think, “I see why that book was free.”)

2. If the book is in a continuation of a series I am reading, I may purchase it. (This is simply because I have no patience once I finish a book that is in a series and I just have to know what is going to happen next. I can’t wait for nothing.)

3. If the book is over $9.99, I am not allowed to purchase it, unless it is a book in a continuation of a series. (This one is simply because I am broke and don’t have expendable income to purchase books that are too expensive.)

4. Books on Amazon for a penny to three dollars are acceptable to buy if they are used. (Obvious reasons here again. While I love the sleekness of a new book, sometimes when I want a book, I’ll get it for dirt cheap on Amazon in the used section.)

5. I am only allowed to purchase (therefore the free books do not apply to this) a new book (even if it’s a continuation) until I have read ten books consecutively. After which, I may purchase ONE book. (Again, this is simply because I don’t have a lot of money to be buying more books.)

So, since I’ve laid this ground rules for myself, I need to abide by them! I am currently reading several books right now. I am going to list them below, so that my few readers here on my blog can get a little taste of the types of genres I read (which is really just about anything!). I do apologize for the massive overuse of parentheses in this post. Here it is:

Monstrous Beauty–Elizabeth Fama
Deenie–Judy Blume
Where Things Come Back–John Corey Whaley
The Hedgewitch Queen–Lillith Saintcrow
A Game of Thrones–George R.R. Martin

I am extremely active on Goodreads and have posted many short concise reviews of the 60+ books that I have already read this year. If anyone is interested to read the types of reviews I have given, you are more than welcome to check them out and also follow me on Goodreads. Here is a link to where you can follow me: Goodreads Profile

Thank you all for keeping up with me and I hope you all feel more than welcome to comment to ask questions, commentary, and even give me some suggestions for books I should be reading and blogging reviews for.

A switch has clicked on and I am doing this 100% with full fierce speed. Nothing is going to hold me back. Expect blog updates at a much more frequent pace now. I am excited and pumped up!


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