When did this happen to me? I am starting to remember things in decades now. It’s startling to say the least.

I had planned on making this huge epic birthday post about getting older and blah blah blah, but I wasn’t able to because my birthday wasn’t that great at first. Crohn’s has been flaring and I went to our local tea room with my family for lunch. I had to get up twice to go to the bathroom – which was bad enough – and when my order of chicken salad – that I hoped would satisfy my crazy steroid craving body – showed up, I opened it and wanted to cry. It had celery and raw carrots in it. Two things I cannot eat while my Crohn’s is flaring. So I had to wait until they specially made something for me on the menu. It was at least quick when they got back.

It got worse though. I had to go back to the bathroom and was in there for nearly twenty minutes. The amount of pain I was in has been some of the worst I have had in a while. After at least 10 flushes and washing my hands thoroughly, I left the bathroom. Ordinarily I carry a spray around with me but it wasn’t with me. No sooner had I walked away from the bathroom that one of the employees and their coworker opened the bathroom door and started making gagging noises and how disgusting the smell was and other rude and inappropriate things. Being on steroids, I get angry quicker than usual. I was both embarrassed and angry. Not a good combination. I walked up to one of the women and said,

“Ma’am, I was just in that bathroom. I have Crohn’s disease. I cannot help it. I don’t appreciate you and your coworker laughing and making a big deal out of it. And I’m not apologizing for something that I cannot control.”

How this woman blubbered made my heart smile just a little in spite of wanting to simultaneously cry. I still felt awful and finally got home and took something for pain and slept for a few hours before I got up and around for my party.

Overall, the day wasn’t completely awful. I got to see one of my best friends. She even spent the night! We were up until about 2 am! It made up for the lousy beginning.

Twenty-five feels so strange. I figured I would have actually had a solid career at this point. I just want to move forward. I don’t want to be stagnant.


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