I Fail at Blogging

Yep. What the title says. I couldn’t tell you the last time that I blogged on here. So, instead of glorifying my shortcomings, I am instead going to be using this space to talk about my writing.

I am about three-fourths of the way through my first draft of Revelry. 

This is huge for me. Like, really super duper crazy huge. 

I have invested so much of my time into it and all I want to do is finish it and share it with people who are truly interested in it. I want my name to go down in history. I want to be a best selling author. I want. I want. I want.

We can always want for something. 

This summer has been a bit of crazy, awesome, and just outright insane. 

I am now working for my sister as a live-in nanny. It’s been a lot of fun and challenging rolling into one. I know that my nephews love me, but I will admit that it hurts my feelings sometimes when I get hollered at, slapped at, or ignored altogether. It’s completely worth it though when Joe or Gabe comes up to me and wants to be held, wants to play, or just wants to be with their aunt Peeps (that’s my nickname). I love my job. It’s amazing.

It also gives me time to read, write, and binge watch television shows on Netflix. I’ve read a total of 29 books this summer. I had a higher goal, but I am still reading! Currently reading “The Spectacular Now” and some free book I got off iTunes iBooks. I don’t even know what it’s called. I’m hoping to read 100 books by the end of the year. I have a goodreads account and I have tried reviewing most of the books I have read, but I haven’t been doing as well as I thought I would on that either.


Tomorrow I’ll have a different update. Thanks for checking up and keeping up with me!


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