Word Count!

So, quick update. My capstone/novella for my final project for college has to be 40,000 words maximum. I have made myself a little meter thingie to keep tabs on hitting that 40k mark! I am 38% of the way through my story if I can make it all the way to 40,000 words!! Revelry is beginning to get a lot more fun and intense as I continue writing. I hope that my professor will like the progress I have made this summer. I am hoping to hit 10,000 words this summer. If I reach that goal quickly, I will update my meter for 15,000 words! I have a count for that, too!! Here we go, my counts!

<a href=”http://www.critiquecircle.com/wordmeterbuilder.asp?col=cyan&font=verdanab&fontsize=10&curr=15528&goal=40000&txt=Revelry&link=1&#8243; title=”This Word Meter on Critique Circle”><img src=”http://www.critiquecircle.com/wordmeter.asp?col=cyan&font=verdanab&fontsize=10&curr=15528&goal=40000&txt=Revelry&&#8221; border=0></a>

<a href=”http://www.critiquecircle.com/wordmeterbuilder.asp?col=pink&font=verdanab&fontsize=10&curr=7802&goal=10000&txt=Summer Writing Count&link=1″ title=”This Word Meter on Critique Circle”><img src=”http://www.critiquecircle.com/wordmeter.asp?col=pink&font=verdanab&fontsize=10&curr=7802&goal=10000&txt=Summer Writing Count&” border=0></a>


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