Actions speak louder than words. Yet, words can facilitate the actions you have spoken. Instead of being blatant about this, of course I am going to write in code.

A student in college chose History as his major. He was passionate about it, was sure it was what he wanted for his future. But, after time goes on, he begins struggling in History. He’s tried everything he could to get the material down, but it just doesn’t click. He can’t remember the dates. He can’t remember the significance. But what he does know is that he loves History, but it’s on his own terms. He loves aspects of History, but cannot take History for everything that it is. He cannot see the lies and deception that History has brought on the world. Instead, he realizes that he doesn’t want to see it all. He wants to remain blinded. History has hurt him in the past and History does have a way of repeating itself.

Now, don’t think History is completely innocent in this game. History knows what it did. It left all the blemishes on his past, all the things he regrets, and all the things that he loves, too. Everyone wants to go back to the past at some point, relive their old memories and dreams. But what benefit does it have? Especially when History just wants to continue to screw him over and over, not caring about the repercussions it leaves. History – sometimes – likes to think its exempt from judgement. But, is anything ever?

History wants to make a mockery of him. History wants to add more pages to its books that make him look like a complete fool for all his choices in life, from what he eats to what he wears. He has no way to escape History. It will always come back to haunt him.

But, History isn’t all bad. History gave him some of the most defining moments of his life. He wouldn’t take those precious memories away for anything. No matter how poorly History has treated him. He wants to embrace it, for everything that it is. The love, hate, hypocrisy, anger, fondness, and nostalgia that comforts him when he thinks of History.

Should he just change his major? Or should he stick with his first choice for his degree, the foundation on which his life depends?


One thought on “Hypocritical

  1. Stick with it. But changing a major isn’t giving up on himself either. People grow, people change, our understanding of the world changes with us. Seeing, experiencing history in a new way doesn’t mean it’s wrong or that it’s betrayed him. He’s simply uncovering new facets to a puzzle he didn’t know existed—and that’s ok. It’s best to stick with these things, figure them out, learn what they have to teach us, before deciding it’s time to move on. Give it a chance to breathe and expand your mind before you shut it out for presenting you with something you were ready for.

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