Well, the last time I was here, I was talking about my story I was going to write for my Short Story class. I was struggling to come up with an idea for my story and bam! Hit me like a train. Not that I would like to be hit by a train…tangent for another time.

My story will be challenging, and actually is challenging to write. I’m not even 6 pages into it and have gone back and edited it three times. I am most likely my second worst critic. The first being a complete and total douchebag who was in one of my classes last semester. He was [b]everyone’s[/b] worst critic, but was a god-awful writer. Go figure.

Ranting…again. I’m about to go to sleep, took some medicine that will knock me out soon.

In other news, I am a failure at my 365 photos a day. *sigh* I have taken pictures, but am unsure of how many I have taken and if it will be sufficient for project. I’ll decide later I guess. Too tired to care right now.

I wish I had time to work on my novel.


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