“Class A”

I am only slightly devastated that I cannot continue to develop my story idea that I had barely cracked the surface on last semester in one of my classes, but I understand the need to open my creativeness even more and let people know all the different types of things I can write. I will just have to return to my awesome story – well, obviously it’s awesome – another time.

I will be writing two stories total this semester, each needs to reflect one of the author’s that we have read this semester. I am really excited to see what everyone will write and to express my writing as well. Aside from my Short Story class, I am taking Greek and Latin Roots of the English Language, Cultural Activities of the Five Civilized Tribes, Cherokee Linguistics, and Literature of the Bible. This semester is going to be tough, but well worth it.

Senior year. Whoo hoo.

I totally have senioritis though. Ughhh. Well, I’m going to make myself go to sleep. NyQuil doesn’t knock me out. Nothing knocks me out anymore unless it’s through the IV. Hopefully I’ll have a more exciting update next time. I’m anticipating an entry for Saturday.


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