When It’s Too Late to Take Ambien and Insomnia Strikes

The title says it all. Turns out I am wide awake and it is nearing two in the morning. The bad news? You can’t take Ambien unless you’re planning on getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep…and I have to wake up in 4 to 5 hours. The good news? Well, it’s not the end of the world people. All of this hype over the Mayan Calendar is a bit much. What I find is even worse is the many derogatory statements I have seen across other social networking sites where people ignorantly state “the Mayans couldn’t predict the end of the world if they couldn’t predict their own demise.” This one always gets under my skin…because there are still Mayan today. Not only that, but the Mayan language itself has over thirty different dialects. With all the hubbub over this “end of the world” drama, one would think that a person would research what the Mayan Calendar said and how the Calendar itself is analyzed. Phew. Well, aside from that little tangent, it’s time for some other discussion.

Technically, I took my first picture for my Life Once A Day photo diary. It isn’t too exciting. It’s pretzels. I couldn’t think of anything else that was very creative at the moment. I will be needing to be awake to get ready in the morning for work at some point in time. Decided to see how not taking a muscle relaxer for a day would work out for me. I will report back with how I am feeling come about nine in the morning. I will be surviving on caffeine and caffeine with some caffeine on the side. Urgh.

I am beginning to feel my eyes get sleepy. I do hope that it means I will be falling asleep soon. Instead of fretting over if the world is going to end later some time today, be thankful for the day you are given. No one is promised tomorrow.

Good night and good morning all!


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