Agh! I Fail

Whelp. In spite of telling myself that I was going to take a picture of myself daily and also do life once a day through photos, I completely let it slip my mind and haven’t taken a photo daily of either. I think that’s a new record. Ha. In spite of the failure, I will try to start this up again.

Still in pain from my wreck that feels like forever ago. Apparently whiplash symptoms can last up to 2 months for a minor car accident. I don’t know if my wreck was considered minor or a step above it. I still don’t know if I have totaled the car or not. My step-dad is still looking at it for me and will determine one way or the other. I really hope it isn’t totaled, even though I know it would be highly expensive to try to fix it. It is such a fun and nice car. If I were to invest the money in fixing it, I would be much more cautious driving.

I officially hate driving. Seriously, what is so fun about it? I guess since I had my big wreck, I don’t feel much fun in driving anymore. I am fearful that I have turned into an old lady driver. Perhaps I will feel better about driving six months down the road. But right now, I am extremely paranoid. I not only double-check, but quadruple-check my mirrors, blind-spots, rearview mirror, and everything! Ugh. I just need to relax.

But, as I stated, I am still in pain from the wreck. Every day something new hurts. That or something that has already been hurting hurts even worse. I’ve been having horrible muscle spasms in my legs too. If it continues, I will have to head back to the doctor to see if there is anything deeper than the spasms. It’s a terrible inconvenience because when I am at work, I’ll be walking and then BAM! I lose my footing and nearly fall.

Okay, time to end it here. Sorry for the lack of updates, photos, and commitments. I am hoping to get into details about some things that have happened in the recent past. Hope everyone is well! And hopefully my muscle relaxers will kick in soon!


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