Time Flies

Okay, so again, I realize it’s been forever and a day since I’ve updated the blog. But, my defense this time is not only my health, but impending finals week is currently going on and I have been busy with that nonsense. Still working on my final paper for Shakespeare, but needed a “Spongebob” break (as my Intermediate Math teacher calls it) to ease my mind before falling asleep.

A lot has happened since I last updated. Let me open my blog in another window to see exactly when I posted last. Ah, not so bad. Just a little over a month ago. It isn’t as bad as I thought it was! Once classes are over, I will be updating more frequently. I’ll have a little more time, since I’ll only be working. I will give a brief rundown of what happened!

Went back to my GI, he took me off of another medicine I was on – Azathioprine – and wow! After 6 days, I was vomit free! I still have some nausea and vomiting here and there, but overall, I am feeling much better than I was. Unfortunately, I am still on steroids – tapering off of them, thank goodness – and I feel the need to be eating all the time. It sucks! I seriously ate way too many pretzels and animal crackers today. Better than something really unhealthy, I guess? On the weight issue, I’ve gained another 2 pounds. Seriously, steroids are evil evil little drugs. I can’t wait for them to be out of my system.

I’ve basically been working and going to school. I sound like a boring and broke college kid, but I am okay with that. I’d rather be in front of my computer playing video games or doing schoolwork than be out partying. Never was my scene anyway. I like to think on a whole that I am a pretty good person. I mean, everyone has their flaws, but that shouldn’t take away or add to who we are as people. Ah, I’m getting all philosophical on my blog. Le Sigh.

Between then and now, one of the biggest things to have happened to me was my stories being critiqued in Fiction Writing and Creative Writing. They both tied into each other and it was interesting to see what everyone thought of my stories. I will use a later blog post to include my critiques from the two classes. It was nice to put my story out there and have someone actually reading what I wrote and having a thought about it.

Another huge thing, but not necessarily a good kind of huge, to happen to me was I wrecked my car. The good news is, I am okay. I had a head contusion and some bruising and aching and I am still recovering from the wreck. It was a single car accident…meaning it was solely me who wrecked the car. To avoid questionings, I was not on my phone, it was dark, it had sprinkled a small amount and my music was loud.  I jerked my wheel (I know! I know!) and the next thing I knew, I lost control of the car and was spinning and everything was in slow motion. Then all of a sudden…


And I smoked a tree! I was petrified, to say the least. I just started bawling and tried to get ahold of someone, but no one was answering their phones! Finally, a kind older man stopped and asked if I needed anything. It was really nice of him, and I got ahold of my mom via text message. The OHP who was working the scene said I was very lucky. If i’d been hit a little closer up, I’d be in the ICU!

The good news is I have some happy meds! If I didn’t have muscle relaxers and some pain medicine, I don’t know how I’d survive. I’ve been aching all over and bruises keep popping up out of nowhere! Today my back is my major complaint. Can’t take anything for it yet though, because I need to take one of my finals online. I can’t be falling asleep taking a final!

Also on my list of things that have happened in my absence, my nephew Joe turned one! He is so precious! I will have to add a picture of him on this entry! And to top it off, my sister just had her second child (another boy) two days after Joe turned one! I am swelling with pride. I love being an aunt.

Hope everyone has a charming Wednesday. I’m off here to take a final and then all I’ll lack is my paper in Shakespeare and the final in Shakespeare. My next installment should be some time tomorrow and I will be discussing titles! And now, a picture of Joe turning one! The credit for the photo goes to Haley Earls of Haley Earls Photography. You can click to go directly to her Facebook page and like her! She did an astounding  job with his pictures to capture this sweet moment of Joe turning one!

Where has a year gone?

Where has a year gone?


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