I am 100% aware that it has been an excruciatingly long time since I have updated! Between school, work, and doctor’s appointments, I have literally had no downtime for ANYTHING! I have an assignment due in Creative Writing over setting and I figured I’d cross post it here so that whoever is still reading my blog can enjoy it. I will try to have more frequent updates again! I really hate that I haven’t updated in over a month!!! I’m glad I didn’t get myself the birthday present I was going to get for myself this year, or I would have been mad! Ahahaha. Okay, anyways, here it is. Assignment on setting and it had to be from either close third or first person point of view.



 It was warm for the time of the year, as the seasons changed – amongst other things. Fall foliage surrounded me as I escaped into its depths. When I go, I go for solace, for the comforting warmth of sun basking my skin in a glow. This day in particular, I was drawn to the woods surrounding my fenced-in yard. Rustling in the bushes had me hopeful. So very hopeful that I would find his missing puzzle piece that had been haunting me all night. The leaves crunched beneath my feet, my steps were careful as I navigated between trees and rocks to unmask the beauty that I anticipated waiting for me. My voice was quiet at first, just a sweet beckon, a calling to bring what I lost back to me. I scanned the area, once, twice…nothing. Everything blended together, for all I knew a snake could be camouflaged beneath my feet. My fingers crinkled a bag within my hand, hoping to elicit some response from the grandiose forest. I stopped in my footsteps, carefully listening to the crickets, grasshoppers, frogs and other animals that lurked all around – I must have imagined the rustling earlier, I must have been mistaken. I reasoned with myself, defeat washed over me. I turned my head to go back to my quiet home, to go back to the puzzle missing his piece and regret to inform him that she is still missing, that he will remain unfinished. But, it is in that moment that I saw her. So small, and it was a miracle I even noticed. I hoped for the best. I always hoped for the best.

My feet felt heavy as I drew nearer. I knew the answer before I got there. I knew that it wasn’t going to be good. I knew all of this, yet I still continued. The leaves aching from the weight I pressed on them, I turned my eyes on the emaciated figure beneath my feet. Stiff. I didn’t have to touch her to ensure it, but I did. I was searching last night for his missing piece and I disregarded this side of the forest behind my yard. Could it have been prevented? The woods behind my home forever disturbed by such a horrible occurrence. How did such a bright warm day feel so cold and colorless? I dropped to my knees, desperately wanting to evoke life where it was lost, but it was useless. Anything I did wouldn’t be effective. It was too late. I was too late. I was too late. My cries weren’t heard by anyone except the woodland creatures. Flies surrounded the area and I tried to shoo them away, but they wouldn’t relent.  Leaves had started to cover the fading figure, disappearing as if she were never there to begin with. But, she was there. And I wouldn’t forget it. I had the comfort of knowing I tried, knowing that I did everything I could. It was too painful to stay longer, so I escaped into the comfort of my home, each step downhill more painful than the last. My face stained with tears, I opened the door and I stared into his eyes – he was the puzzle that would never be complete without its biggest piece…her. But, I would do my best to fill in the void.


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