So, for creative writing, we had a choice between four different types of poems. I chose an elegy. It’s an elegy to my dead intestines. It’s a bit gruesome, so you’ve been warned. Here it is! (Sorry for the lack of updates. School and work are taking over)


A tear

A hole

No bigger than

A fingernail.

Its pain


Until aggravated

With drugs.

It burns, it burns!





Ripping apart

In huge waves.

Ravaging the body

With nausea.

Bowel explodes inside

The abdominal cavity,

Spreading to the healthy organs

Where it tries to kill.

The diseased intestines

Already dying,


And invading.

No hope for this young body

As it sits and writhes –

Pain never escaping –

As death of vital organs



But there is hope.

Critical condition never

Means death.

Wheeled down hallways,

Each small bump

Closer to the operating room.

The anesthesia a relief

As surgeons take scalpels

And save her.

Removing the dead intestine

Cleansing the body,

The vital organs of the

Intruding death.

If not for its untimely perforation,

All the intestine could have


But, the careful surgeon

Extracted all the intestines

From her body,

Measuring by inches and centimeters.

And giving life back

Where death occurred.


Relieved to be waking up alive

In spite of an ostomy on her side.

A railroad scar on her stomach to remain

A reminder of excruciating pain.

This autoimmune disease a curse

In six to eight months, ostomy reversed.

Another scar she will have to hide

From removing more of her insides.

Prednisone, Percocet, and Remicade

Crohn’s Disease will never go away.

Morphine’s administered by IV

Creating a high, she feels free.

So for now, the morphine is relief

Its effects drowning out any grief.

And that’s it for today folks! Please let me know what you think!


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