When I was fifteen years old, I visited this really awesome place in France called Carcassonne. It is a walled city where parts of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves were filmed. I basically fell in love with this place and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. However, many people in my delegation were not impressed by the grandeur castle and kingdom as I was. I think we spent something like six hours there, six hours I found to be entirely enlightening.

On another note, I had to write a symbol poem for my creative writing class. The other night I was thinking about how people build up walls to other people. And of course, by people I mean, myself. And by the other night, I mean at 2 o’clock in the morning. Insomnia is a nightmare. So, I began writing about walls being impenetrable and whatnot, but then it struck me. Can I make this a symbol poem for my class?

The answer was a resounding yes. I tweaked a few things and found my symbol poem to be awesome. I know, it sounds conceited, but I really think this is one of my bests. So, I want to share it with you on my blog. On Tuesday, it will be critiqued by the classroom, but I’d love honest critiques from the fellow internet peoples out there. Here it goes!


Its walls impossible to climb over,
Secret places where the enemy can be
Shot down
When too close.

Close the drawbridge
Don’t allow friend or foe inside,
Afraid they may harm
the delicate structure
that has remained for years.

A few walls have fallen,
But have been repaired
With haste.
Now it stands picturesque
Idealistic castle
With no flaws on the outside.

The history muddled
Part burned
Part restored
Evading capture
Behind the thick walls
Surrounding the citadel.

Today, there is no need
For protection.
The walls,
Their purpose aesthetics,
Simply for viewing
But never to come down.

Doesn’t let anyone in.

Whelp. That’s it for me today. Inspiration and nostalgia mixed together for this gem of a poem. Let me know what you think, please. I have chocolate and chocolate is gooood.


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