September & Stress

It is safe to say that I am already feeling the stresses of this semester. Between classes, studying, and going to work, I don’t have any time in between to do much else. Therefore, my blog has been sadly barren and my room is unfortunately driving me mad with how unorganized it is at the moment. I think I have this weekend off, so I will be cleaning in addition to my studying.

I need ideas! I have to have a 10-25 page fiction story by September 20th. I am definitely feeling overwhelmed in that I have absolutely¬†no idea what I want to write about. I’ve thrown a few ideas out there for myself, but otherwise, I am uncertain. I like the idea of writing about someone who is mentally challenged, or a science fiction short story. I don’t want to write really mushy stuff though, because apparently everyone in the class is extremely dark in their writing.

On a side note, I’ve been trying to eat healthier. I’ve already lost 9 pounds! Woot! I’m hoping to just keep dropping the weight. I’ve been feeling really miserable and somewhat depressed the last few months. I think it also helps that my mom is also eating healthy with me. It’s always easier when you have someone else who watches everything you put in your mouth!

Speaking of eating, dinner is almost ready.

I’ve no progress on my books since school started. I’m just overwhelmed with all the reading and writing I have to do for my other classes that there is no time. This weekend will be


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