Is This America

So, since I’m feeling a little lazy again and don’t have all too much to say, I just searched on an old site I used to be active on called and found a poem I wrote on there to share with you all. It’s quite possibly my most unique poem. This type of poem is an Iambic Hexameter, and those are not easy to create! I’ve had so many people tell me they love this poem…I hope you feel the same!


This world we live in has too much condensation
Our federal government needs education
Today we have an upcoming generation
That has a complete lack of communication.
How will we be able to live in our nation
If we can never have ample information?
We keep hearing it on the radio station
Americans don’t have any motivation
Politicians waste our time in explanations
And in our country, it causes complications.
If our country keeps having this hesitation,
then it will end in complete annihilation.


Good night everyone! Oh, and today is my best friend’s birthday! I love her more than cheesecake! If you’re reading this, Kirstyn, then happy happy birthday again!!! We will do Vegas next year for sure!


One thought on “Is This America

  1. Interesting Poem, I definitely agree about bad communication in youth today. Regards to your friend, she is well loved if loved more than cheesecake 🙂

    Adieu, scribbler

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