Swim swim swim


This summer has basically flashed in front of my eyes. It feels like I’ve just been working, swimming, reading, writing, sleeping, eating (way too much!), or spending time with family. I have two weeks until school starts. Can I get my summer back, please? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it overall, I just wish I had more summer for myself.

On the subject of school, I have already purchased my books for the Fall. Anyone interested in the cost of said books? $500. Thank goodness I am getting financial aid or I couldn’t afford to put a pinky toe into college. Ah, the woes of broke college kids. Regardless of how much the books were, I am both excited and nervous to begin classes. I’m still considered a Junior, but I’m crossing my fingers and really am confident that after this semester is over I’ll be a Senior. Whoop whoop! I’ll end my school rant here for now and gush more once I have begun.

August also is my birth month…which I know I’ve brought up on more than one occasion. I feel indifferent toward the age I’ll be at this point. Either way, I’m growing old and growing up (only a little on the latter!). I have already decided what I’m going to get as a birthday present for myself. I can’t say what it is yet, or I’ll ruin it for everyone! I am really excited for it, I’ve already told my parents and sister what it is, they think it’s great.

By August 16th (my first day of class), I will do three different things on my blog. One, post how my first day of back to class goes; two, make a list of the books I read this summer; and three, tell everyone how far along I got on writing my book this summer. Until then, I will try to keep the updates coming. I regret to say that I will most likely be posting less frequently with school beginning, but I promise not to abandon my blog.

Enjoy what’s left of your summer!


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