Vindictive? Only Somewhat.

Only so much can hide who you really are.


A few years ago, a man who thought he held so much power told me point blank, “I don’t know you from Adam.” He was rigid in his ways and refused to even help me out an inkling. So, instead of backing down from this fight that he ensued, I fought back even harder. I found loopholes in his pathetic statement and managed to be above his redline that he drew. I worked hard and deserved the title I earned.

In life, it is so much easier to earn what you receive. When you just lay back and take a free ride on someone else’s work, achievements, and credentials, it only makes you look feeble and miniscule. Break the mold. Forget all the old adages of, “It takes someone to get somewhere,” or in my case, “I don’t know you from Adam.” Instead, stand out and shine. Be true to who you are and don’t rely on anyone. Do not let anyone dictate the next move in your life.

I don’t want to get anything or do anything with someone else’s name attached to it. Perhaps this is another reason why I am so adamant about being an author. No one else can take claim to my ideas. No one’s name except mine will be on the cover of my books. I will be the final word on what I want.

Go ahead, continue what you’re doing if it makes you feel like a better person.


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