Found this poem/song I wrote about a year ago in a notebook I’d been writing in. It’s obviously titled “Replaced” and that’s why the title of the post is the same. Figured I’d share it with the world. Not my best, not my worst…here goes.

Everything is in your suitcase
you’re heading out the door.
Despite my cries & pleading
you want something more
Shut the door right in my face
Who will you find to take my place?

And I don’t wanna be
just another face
you see in the crowd
as you go on your way.
And I don’t even know
if I can make it another day
knowing I’m not what you need
that I can be replaced

So trace all the steps that you’ve made.
Go ahead, erase all the memories saved,
because I can’t go on a minute more
knowing I’m not the one,
not the one, you’re looking for.
Is there a way for you to see
That we’re made to fit perfectly?

Am I gonna be
just another lost face in the crowd?
And will you ever see
my face when you’re turning around?
What will it, what will it take
for me not to be replaced

So run, run, run right out the door
since loving me became a chore.
Have your fun, fun, fun without me
and then maybe you’ll finally see

I’m just another face
passing through this crowd.
And you’ll never know
how silence speaks so loud.
I’m just trying to make it through the day.
Slowly, slowly being replaced.

The chocolate you bought me melted away.
I’ve broken every picture frame.
It hurts too much to see your face
because you’re impossible to replace.



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