Where Are YOU From?


Where I work, a lot of people ask me where famous Oklahomans are from in Oklahoma. You’d think this would be a simple question with a simple answer, right? Wrong! A good example is Reba. Reba was born in a little place called Stringtown, Oklahoma and grew up in an even smaller place called Chockie, Oklahoma. Yet, she claims McAlester as her hometown and where she grew up! In addition to this, Kiowa and Atoka try to stake a claim at this famous redhead being from their town! Is it really so difficult to decide to tell the public eye where you’re from?

Well, I’ve been thinking about where I would tell people I was from if I were to become a renowned author. Where I have lived hasn’t been sedentary forever. Sure, I was born in Poteau, Oklahoma, but other than being there the first months of my life, I’m not really from there. Between Tyler, Texas and Ft. Smith Arkansas, I have many choices between places I could be “from.” Throw in Rhode Island, and it will be an even bigger mess!

Would you say you’re from the town you’ve lived the longest in? Or would it be the town you were most fond of? Maybe the town that you lived in when you became famous? Perhaps there is a true and logical sense behind this. I mean, Brad Pitt was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, yet he doesn’t have much claim to being from Oklahoma, instead he claims Missouri. Must be a roots thing, a home is where the heart is thing…I hope I find out!


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