Panic Attack Much?

So, the other day I was compiling all of my random pieces of papers that I have written Ostracized on and was successful in putting them all in order. I was beginning to type everything up and exhaustion suddenly overwhelmed me, so I went ahead and just left my papers where they were and assumed they would be there the next day.


Well, not exactly. But there was the fact that I was gone from the house for three days (I was spending the night at my sister’s house to watch her animals and save gas going back and forth between my job), so I wasn’t at home where my papers were.

Got home yesterday late in the evening. I think I’m coming down with a cold or something and really didn’t give too much thought into typing up my work I’d accomplished in random places, so I went ahead and went to bed.

After I got home from errands today, I was fervently searching for the pages I wrote. They weren’t where I had left them! I was seriously freaking out! I frantically ran between the rooms, hoping and hoping that they were not in a trashcan! I was actually beginning to clean up the mess that is my room in search of my work!

Thankfully, I found the pages tucked underneath the television and breathed a sigh of relief. I was almost in tears, fearful that I would have to try to recreate the inspiration it took to write what I had already written. And who would have known if it would have been anything like how I originally wrote it?!

My near panic attack subsided, I am glad that I have found the pages. This means that it is now time for me to type those pages up!

Never fear everyone, Monday is nearly over.


2 thoughts on “Panic Attack Much?

  1. I hate losing notes or pages for the same reason. When I need to rewrite them, I know I’m forgetting the perfect phrase that probably inspired the moment in the first place, but I am also adding new things, and if the scene is grounded by the novel then it will usually come out similar to the lost pass. It’s frustrating, of course, but interesting and useful in its own way.

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