Scrivener – Best Writing App Ever

I have been having a blast with Scrivener! It is the best app for creative writing in the history of apps. Worth every single penny you would have to spend! The layout of chapters is great, you can add extra pages to add at the beginning of your novels, you can add character traits and development, you can give information about locations. It is fracking awesome! Basically better than sliced bread.

So, I added the chapters from a Novella I wrote in high school into Scrivener and was reformatting and editing and was basically having a blast. It wasn’t until long that I noticed I’d been on Scrivener for two hours! Gah, I am gushing. Plus, you can add ideas to anywhere, even if they don’t flow directly with what you’re writing for your current chapter.

I have a MacBook Pro, so I purchased the app from the app store (running Lion OS X) and it runs flawlessly in full screen mode too. I don’t know if it is available for a Windows based computer, but if it is, then I highly recommend getting it if you’re an aspiring author. I have been writing more character developments of Schuyler and his best friend and they have just been making me love Schuyler even more. He is such a cool alien. Seriously.

I’m also trying to edit my Novella called Last Straw, and hoping to get it published in eBook format by the end of the summer. Gawsh, I have way too much to accomplish this summer! Once school starts back up then I won’t have near as much free time to write. So, I am trying to utilize every moment I’m not working or sleeping. I just hope that it translates from my head onto paper eloquently.

Goodnight everyone! I’m going back to Scrivener!


2 thoughts on “Scrivener – Best Writing App Ever

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  2. Yes, it is available in Windows. Not as advanced as the Mac version, but it’s my preferred writing software nevertheless. I’ve been using it ever since the Windows version was in beta.

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