Farnyn: My World

I have created a world where there is such a thing as aliens. This world shines brighter than ours and has crazy characters whose names are based on their chosen careers in life. Time runs differently on this world, they base it according to when the sun is in view and when the moon is in view. Technology, science, and academics reign as supreme in this world.

What is even more crazy about this world? Famous people in our history are truly from this world. People on Earth who have changed the meaning of what we once held as true. Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Aristotle, and many more are known to be from this planet; sent to Earth with the sole purpose to put forth a change in the way the Earth was moving. Is it so crazy to believe?

So where would my character in my book come into this fantastical world? Well, if I told you this so soon, then I would spoil parts of what my book is about! Just know that these books I am writing about Farnyn, the world that has been dwelling in my mind since the age of 17, are not just something that are a spur of the moment. Every detail is thought out in advance. The characters are intricate and weave together in a way that makes the books stand apart from your regular Science Fiction/Fantasy novels.

Would you like to be a Farnynian?


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