I have plans to update my blog as frequently as possible, but my Internet does not comply with me. Rather frustrating if I do say so myself. I will try to get around this issue I have and will try to update. So, regardless of these issues, I do have some good news.

Last night I made a purchase from the app store for Scrivener. I must say, it is quite possibly the best app for creative writers, or even just writing a paper. I am unsure if it is on anything other than Mac OS X, but hey if it is, then get it! I have been playing with it and adding my scenes, characters, places, and writing more onto my novels. I really can’t wait to share a piece of my book on my blog, but it is far far FAR from ready to be done!

What is your inspiration? What keeps your creative juices flowing? What do you rely on for your muse?

I would love to write more, but seems my inspiration is tapped for the evening. Exhaustion is overwhelming me!


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