Relax, Read, and Write

Days off give me time to clear my head and get back in my writing mindset. It is great time for me to relax – so that I can gather my thoughts together, jot down notes, write snippets for the Farnyn Series, and expand on my general knowledge of my other books as well.

I have read many places that the best way to become a better writer is to read more. In my spare time I have devoured many books in less than a month of summertime. I have already read ten books in under thirty days. This is on top of writing and work too! Reading is affirmation for me to continue in my aspirations, to know that they are not as impossible as some may think or say.

This is to everyone, not just aspiring authors, no matter what anyone tells you, no matter what anyone says, no matter if someone doesn’t believe in your goals in life, then do not let them deter you. Keep your head, heart, and chin up and move on. Their words are simply that, just words, and should never hold any weight on you to bring you down.

You are a ray of sunshine in this world.


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