Posted in June 2012

Scrivener – Best Writing App Ever

I have been having a blast with Scrivener! It is the best app for creative writing in the history of apps. Worth every single penny you would have to spend! The layout of chapters is great, you can add extra pages to add at the beginning of your novels, you can add character traits and … Continue reading

Summer Daze

Wow. Wasn’t aware that it’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog. Between work and trying to relax this summer, I have lost track of time. Kind of have had a lot on my mind lately. My younger cousin that has read part of my book keeps pestering me and asking me if I … Continue reading

Farnyn: My World

I have created a world where there is such a thing as aliens. This world shines brighter than ours and has crazy characters whose names are based on their chosen careers in life. Time runs differently on this world, they base it according to when the sun is in view and when the moon is … Continue reading


I have plans to update my blog as frequently as possible, but my Internet does not comply with me. Rather frustrating if I do say so myself. I will try to get around this issue I have and will try to update. So, regardless of these issues, I do have some good news. Last night … Continue reading

Old Poem

It’s getting late here and I figured I would pull out this wicked old poem so that you can see where my writing began and how it has evolved as well. Do give me your honest opinions! I wrote this poem at the ripe age of fifteen! Nearly eight years ago, so bare with me … Continue reading

Relax, Read, and Write

Days off give me time to clear my head and get back in my writing mindset. It is great time for me to relax – so that I can gather my thoughts together, jot down notes, write snippets for the Farnyn Series, and expand on my general knowledge of my other books as well. I … Continue reading