Writing Sample

Well, I am going to give a writing sample here in my blog. Just was writing what was on my mind today, it has been something that has been festering in the back of my mind and I finally was able to put it to words. So, here it goes.

The atrocious accusations that spew from your mouth might sound more refutable in theory if your statements were air tight, incapable of any penetration whatsoever. Yet, you faltered behind your stoic expression, realizing you did not possess the strength to be so comandeering as those before you. Have I come across as a fool before to where I would fall victim to your prey? I have evaded capture each time, so what has propelled you to plan a feign attack? Well, if I must say something, you have it wrong. If I may be frank, you are entirely backwards. Rail…

What gave you away, you may ask? Why it is quite simple once you break it down to decipher each each blasphemous word you barked in harsh tones. I am still unsure who you were trying to convince in your false authority you believe you have, me or you. These criticisms can only sting so deep when you are as shallow as a creek. Do these deceptions make you feel like a better person? I think you may be a little mixed up. Lair…

When you have a look of sadness upon your face, I am no longer trusting it. For what is there to trust? If you are trying to be hard as a shield, I must tell you there are cracks in your armor. Chinks that cannot be bumped out, and it no longer provides you any shelter. I know what you are. I know your web of deceit will just continue and I refuse to be tangled in that crazy mess. So try to be indecipherable, try to be stoic, try to act like you could not care less. Alri…

Put this chaos to rest. Rail…Lair…Alri…


Love it? Hate it? Should I change anything?


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