Posted in May 2012


So here is my official “author” picture that I will be using on all my social networking sites. It isn’t exactly a picture of what I look like today, but I think it captures the quintessential author type pictures that everyone sees on the final pages of a book. The picture is roughly five years … Continue reading

Writing Sample

Well, I am going to give a writing sample here in my blog. Just was writing what was on my mind today, it has been something that has been festering in the back of my mind and I finally was able to put it to words. So, here it goes. The atrocious accusations that spew … Continue reading

First Doesn’t Mean Best

So after sitting here for 20 minutes staring at a blank screen to try to figure out what to write, I am giving up on trying to write something that is 100% perfect. I know that no matter what I write, I will be dissatisfied, as most aspiring authors are. I have created this blog … Continue reading